Byers Imports Invites You to Soul, Electrified – Launching the New Taycan

March 9th, 2020 by

To celebrate the arrival of the stunning new Taycan model, Byers Imports will be hosting an exclusive event called Soul, Electrified on Friday, March 27th at 6 PM. The launch party will include a catered meal, raffle prizes, giveaways, and an unveiling of the new Porsche model and their first electric car ever. Take a look at some background information surrounding the exciting event and some highlights of what will be revealed about this new Taycan. Make sure to RSVP before spots fill up! (Must be at least 21 to enter)

What is Soul, Electrified?

Porsche built the new Taycan to bridge the gap between technology and humanity. The model blends the latest in electric technology with the exhilarating soul of a Porsche. It will stand apart from its competitors with an untouchable, emotional dimension that is typical of the brand. This is the theme of the Taycan Launch and provides a chance for driving enthusiasts to discover how an electric car could retain so much of its original style and function.

Reasons for Driving Enthusiasts Should Go Electric

Electric is the future. In the modern world, driving enthusiasts can enjoy everything they love about sports cars and ditch the gas. Electric cars like the new Taycan compare in performance, style, design, and convenience. Check out some of the top reasons that Porsche is leading the way into an electric future and why you might want to consider this new plug-in electric sport luxury vehicle:

  1. They can reduce emissions that contribute to climate change and smog
  2. They can save you money on gas
  3. They are very responsive and offer good torque
  4. They are more digitally connected than conventional vehicles
  5. You may never need to go to a gas station again thanks to convenient charging options
  6. They reduce the need for the U.S. to rely on imported petroleum

Features to Discover on the New Porsche

The Taycan is launching into the future in more ways than one. Guests of the event will have a chance to discover the impressive features of the newest release. The Taycan maintains a powerful performance with maximum driving pleasure that can be seen in its ability to jump from 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds and 560 kW Overboost Power. You will discover how this performance can be repeatedly reproduced thanks to two permanent-magnet synchronous motors. This new Taycan is even faster than a skydiver in free fall.

Fans of the Taycan will discover how this electric version handles daily driving needs and long weekend cruises. It offers an EPA-estimated 192-mile driving range. The Porsche Advanced Cockpit also features pioneering technologies that create an intuitive display that portrays emotions.

Join the Guest List for this Incredible Event

Porsche driving enthusiasts throughout Columbus and beyond are invited to attend the unveiling of this incredible electric sports car that will blow expectations out of the water. RSVP to [email protected] or reach out to Byers Imports to learn more about this upcoming event today!

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