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New Porsche 911 Price

Since 1963, Porsche has worked tirelessly to optimize the 911 and with each generation we get closer but we'll never stop striving for perfection. With quality technology inspired by Porsche's greatest racing successes and supported by a rear compact engine, you're in the driver's seat for an iconic driving experience you won't soon forget. You can choose from the legendary coupe or the fun and thrilling drop-top cabriolet so you can feel the sun on your shoulders and the wind in your hair. The Porsche 911 models were made to be a more powerful and comfortable car and this latest generation is the ideal example of that idea.

4.0 s
0 - 60 mph
379 hp
Max. power
182 mph
Top track speed

New Porsche 911 Chassis & Engine


For over 50 years, the Porsche 911 style has been designated by the original flyline design, a sharply angled windscreen, and a graceful rearward slope of the roof. The new generation of 911 models still incorporates this design along with the traditional wide body and rear-engine replacement. The 911 is aerodynamically designed with an automatically-deploying rear spoiler, recessed food handles, and an integral electrically-powered wind diffuser. Inside, you'll find all operating controls within easy grasp of the driver, which mirror the vision of the first three 911 models produced.

New Porsche 911 Interior


Every 911 model comes standard with the Porsche Communications Management system including online navigation so you never miss a turn and can conveniently find the nearest coffee shop or gas station. Porsche Connect offers Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ capability as well as integration of Apple Music® and Apple Podcasts® to keep you entertained on your daily commute. No matter how far you travel, Porsche keeps you easily connected.

New Porsche 911 Three-Quarters View


When you see the Porsche badge, you know you're in for the ride of your life, especially when it's in a 911 model. With a rear-mounted twin turbocharged boxer 6 under the hood that generates a thunderous 379 horsepower and 331 lb/ft of torque, you get exceptional speed, responsiveness, and a wide torque plateau, even at low speeds. An 8-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) automatic transmission is standard but for those of you that like to feel the power at your fingertips, the S and GTS models offer a 7-speed manual transmission.

New Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet Price

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The 911 is considered the most famous sports car in the world and offers a timeless design merged with a modern interpretation, from its iconic flyline to the long, flat bonnet. The 911 coupe is the purest form of Porsche DNA, evident in the steeply inclined windscreen, gently rearward sloping roof, and continuous rear light strip. The horizontally-opposed, flat-six engine leads the 911 into the future with its expert design and sheer power, with models that generate up to 473 horsepower and get up to 473 MPH on the track.

The Porsche 911 models are not only aesthetically pleasing but aerodynamic marvels. The rear lid grille provides the engine with an abundance of fresh air while the rear window seamlessly transitions into the merge point of the grille for an appealing look. In a sharp but beautiful juxtaposition of the horizontal silhouette of the 911 are the vertical grille slats that perfectly accentuates the third brake light. The three-dimensional LED tail lights align seamlessly with the rear end and make you the most visible car on the road.

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