Luxury, Comfort, and a Brand You Can Rely On: The Porsche Panamera

October 1st, 2020 by

Porsche is a well-known auto manufacturer, but most people are primarily aware of their two-door sports cars. For those who have a family, that kind of vehicle might not be the right choice. With the Porsche Panamera, you get a great car from a famous brand that will fit your entire family inside. The four-door luxury sedan has the style you want with the features you need for everyday driving.

An Extraordinary Driving Experience

When you look at the newest model years of the Panamera, you’ll see that it offers all the performance you could want. The base 2019 model includes a turbocharged V6 engine that brings 330 horsepower with it. As with all Panamera options, even this entry-level model comes with an automatic eight-speed transmission. While a handful of drivers might want additional power, most will find that the Panamera brings ample performance for everyday life.

Available in a Hybrid Model

If you’re looking to save money on fuel, the Porsche Panamera comes with a hybrid version. It gives you the best of both worlds with a powerful twin-turbo engine and a small electric motor. The E-Hybrid from Porsche offers 462 horsepower to keep up with all the classic muscle cars on the street. This vehicle has a combined fuel economy rating of 27 MPG. If you choose to switch it into fully electric mode, drivers can go up to 30 miles without using any gas at all.

Exciting New Models with All the Extras

While every Panamera has a lot going for it, the GTS model in newer model years goes above and beyond. Many people would say it’s the most impressive model that has ever hit the market. Things start with a V8 engine that has 460 horsepower under the hood. Enthusiasts will also appreciate the model’s sporty exhaust note. With a lowered ride height and a recalibrated air suspension system, this is a fantastic vehicle for anyone who spends time at the track.

Unbelievable Handling in Any Conditions

This Porsche is a family sedan, but that doesn’t mean it slacks when it comes to handling. It takes the typical Porsche handling and combines it with a larger vehicle. Once you take the car on the road, you’ll immediately realize that it’s far more than a typical luxury car. Test drivers frequently mention how well the car goes around curves in the road. It has minimal body roll and accurate steering to make highway driving a breeze.

Astounding Body Lines Similar to a Sports Car

Even though this is a four-door car, it’s also a Porsche, and that’s clear. It has the same body lines as the smaller models, along with the signature roof and the distinctive headlights of the manufacturer. The car sits close to the ground and comes standard with 19-inch alloy wheels. It also comes in exciting colors like Sapphire Blue Metallic to stand out even more.

The Perfect Porsche for a Family: The Panamera

The Panamera shows that Porsche is continually innovating and working to offer the best. It works well as a family car but can just as easily handle a race track. It offers a ton of amenities and the extras that Porsche is known for. When you’re ready to see how well this vehicle drives, all you need to do is visit a dealership. Don’t be surprised if you fall in love.

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