Porsche Delivers Powerful Luxury with the Boxster

June 19th, 2020 by

The Boxster has always delivered satisfying performance, even on the base models. With luxury and power at the top of the list, the Boxster is a great choice for those who are considering their next car purchase. Although Porsche does have some newer models and some sports class options that are a bit more luxurious and performance-oriented than the Boxster, this car offers a nice balance of performance, features, and reasonable pricing in the luxury class.

Speed and Agility Top the List

The Porsche Boxster is nothing if not enthusiastic about hitting the open road and getting up to speed, with most models clocking in a zero-to-sixty time of about 4-4.5 seconds, depending on the exact specifications. It tends to perform better and be preferred to the competition in a number of ways, offering a variety of performance engine builds over the years.

Some of the most powerful models on the market can hit more than 400 horsepower, and the handling on every model will give you nimble, comfortable ride performance with tight cornering, strict steering, and great grip on the road regardless of the conditions. Plus, with a low center of gravity and the unique mid-engine design, the Boxster is prepared to smoke the competition when it comes to speeding things up and staying in control.

Interior Appointments Run a Close Second

On the inside, which there isn’t much of in this compact coupe, there are two sport seats, with an optional upgrade to Plus seating for wider back support and comfortable materials. Plus, there are plenty of options for seat adjustments. The cabin is well-built and includes all of the creature comforts that you would expect from Porsche, along with interior customization options that are changing the game for anyone who wants to create their own stylish sports coupe.

Of course, every Porsche Boxster comes with the latest in safety and technology, with luxury interior comforts and premium entertainment, including premium audio systems standard and a variety of other upscale features. There are plenty of tech-friendly features to love in this comfortable luxury sports car, along with premium interior finishes that are sure to get noticed and give everyone the ride that they’ve been looking for.

Enjoy the Driving Experience Again

It doesn’t matter whether you consider the Boxster for its performance handling and sport features or for its luxury interior comforts, or both. As long as it’s on your list, you’re sure to find plenty to love. Even the base trim doesn’t skimp on premium luxury features, and Porsche reliability comes with every single vehicle, giving you even more to love about your new ride. Safety features are impressive, and available safety packages will ensure total protection, adding even more to the list of reasons to check out this luxury sports coupe.

If you’re in the market for a capable, comfortable luxury car, the Porsche Boxster has a lot to offer. Whether you are heading to the race to show off or just hitting the open road to enjoy the ride, you’ll find plenty of ways to fall in love.

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