Dialog with Customers

Intensive communication with our own customers is a top priority at Porsche. An important element in this connection is "CRM@Porsche" as worldwide, end-to-end Customer Relationship Management. Porsche carries out more than 150,000 customer surveys each year in Germany and in other countries throughout the world. More than 40,000 customers from Germany and abroad also get in touch with us each year - by Internet, phone or through the "Customer Contact Center" in Stuttgart.

Sustainability in the Dealer Network

The planned growth in sales described in Corporate Strategy 2018 is associated with an expansion of the dealer network at Porsche to more than 1,000 dealerships. Many of the existing Porsche Centers will also be expanded. The focus of the "Dealership Sustainability Initiative" program is therefore on measurements to optimize the environmental characteristics of the buildings and dealership operations, and enhance energy efficiency. Porsche also supports its dealers with two helpful resources that were specially developed, a Planning Manual and the software-based "Porsche Center Energy Efficiency Tool".

Sustainable sourcing

The growing increase in vehicle sales means that procurement is increasingly focused on sustainability management. Purchasing at Porsche has been largely incorporated within the procurement organization of the Volkswagen Group, and the company is proactive in participating in the concept of "Sustainability in Supplier Relationships". The four pillars of Sustainability Requirements, Risk Analysis, Integration in the Procurement Process, and Supplier Monitoring and Development form the structural framework for wide-ranging engagement.

Governance Risk & Compliance

At Porsche, we regard the good reputation of the company as the foundation stone of our long-term success. The company therefore ensures that all activities are carried out in conformity with statutory regulations, internal rules, values, and agreements. The internal Compliance Code documents the compliance culture for this purpose and records the principles for the alignment of business activities and dealing with stakeholder groups. Porsche also has a comprehensive organizational structure for dealing with compliance and a program for implementing the defined compliance targets.

Potential risks for the strategic and operational targets of the company are identified and evaluated at Porsche using a group-wide Risk Management System and an Internal Controlling System. Compliance risks, key criteria, and indicators for sustainability are also taken into account.

Political Dialog

As a responsible employer and company, we regard participating in debates within society and with government about topical issues relevant to the company as an important task. We therefore contribute our substantial expertise to the task of finding solutions to current environmental and social challenges. We also help initiatives and organizations to carry out their missions. Porsche seeks open and transparent dialog with its stakeholder groups, and is committed to maintaining a politically neutral position.