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Porsche Responsibility and What It Means to Porsche Columbus

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Customer Communication

Porsche understands the importance of effective communication in enhancing customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, Porsche has developed the innovative Porsche Customer Relationship Management system. This advanced platform acts as a centralized repository for customer data, leveraging insights gathered from more than 15,000 global customer surveys to facilitate meaningful interactions and strengthen customer relationships. By utilizing this system, Porsche not only gains deep insights into customer preferences but also understands their expectations from the brand, striving to create an exceptional customer journey. At Porsche Columbus, providing personalized service is our top priority, ensuring that every customer feels valued and appreciated from their first visit to our showroom. We are committed to delivering an experience that makes every customer feel like a respected member of our Porsche family.

Dealer Network Sustainability

Porsche maintains a steadfast commitment to sustainable performance and proudly leads in this arena. Through our forward-thinking Strategy 2030 initiative, we are systematically advancing sustainability by focusing on enhancing energy efficiency across all facets of our operations, including our expansive dealer network. In line with this commitment, we have implemented the Porsche Dealership Sustainability Initiative program, strategically designed to optimize environmental aspects in both building structures and daily dealership operations. Our overarching goal is to demonstrate that efficiency and social responsibility can seamlessly coexist. We are dedicated to promoting resource-efficient mobility solutions and support our dealerships with comprehensive tools such as the Planning Manual and the Porsche Center Energy Efficiency Tool. These resources empower dealerships to identify areas for improving sustainability practices and reducing their environmental footprint. For any inquiries regarding sustainability and Porsche Responsibility, please do not hesitate to contact us at Porsche Columbus. We are here to answer your questions and provide steadfast support as you embark on your journey toward sustainability.

Sustainable Sourcing

Porsche understands that responsibility extends beyond our own operations and includes our suppliers. Recognizing the increasing importance of the supply chain, we adopt a thoughtful approach to sustainability and ethical values. As part of our commitment to sustainability, Porsche collaborates closely with our direct suppliers, emphasizing the importance of building mutual trust. Before engaging in any new supplier relationships, rigorous integrity checks are conducted to ensure alignment with our sustainability and ethical standards. Upholding this trust, Porsche maintains a comprehensive set of sustainability requirements that include risk analysis, integration into the procurement process, and ongoing monitoring and development of suppliers. These principles form the foundation of our extensive supplier engagement, demonstrating our enduring commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Government Risk and Compliance

For decades, Porsche has maintained a strong reputation in the automotive industry by steadfastly adhering to statutory regulations, internal protocols, values, and agreements. To ensure robust compliance across all fronts, Porsche has implemented comprehensive Compliance Directives covering a wide range of topics and established a Central Compliance Helpdesk to provide guidance and support to employees. Our commitment to compliance extends to our contracted business partners, who are held to the same rigorous standards through a well-structured organizational framework dedicated to addressing compliance issues. Utilizing a business-oriented approach, we have implemented a structured program aimed at achieving defined compliance objectives, which includes both preventive measures and responsive actions. This initiative also involves maintaining a dedicated compliance team. At Porsche, we approach our commitment to compliance with the utmost seriousness, consistently striving to uphold the highest standards in every aspect of our business operations.

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