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When it’s time to update your current ride but you’re not quite ready to pay brand new prices, let Porsche Columbus introduce you to certified pre-owned vehicles. A small step down from brand new and a huge step up from used, CPO models offer numerous benefits.

  1. Rigorous Inspection and Reconditioning: Every certified pre-owned Porsche model undergoes a comprehensive and rigorous inspection process conducted by our factory-trained technicians. This ensures that the vehicle meets the brand’s high standards of quality, performance, and reliability. Any necessary repairs or reconditioning are performed using only genuine Porsche parts, bringing the vehicle to like-new condition.
  2. Extended Warranty: Every certified pre-owned Porsche model comes with an extended warranty that goes beyond the original factory warranty. This warranty provides additional coverage and peace of mind, protecting you against unexpected repair costs. The specific details of the warranty may vary, so it’s important to review the terms and conditions your sales team member.
  3. Verified Vehicle History: CPO Porsche models come with a verified vehicle history report, detailing important information such as past ownership, maintenance records, and any reported accidents. This transparency allows you to make an informed decision about the vehicle’s background and ensures that you have a clear understanding of its condition and maintenance history.
  4. Roadside Assistance: Purchasing a certified pre-owned Porsche often includes access to 24/7 roadside assistance. In case of unexpected breakdowns or emergencies, you can rely on this service for assistance. Roadside assistance typically includes services like towing, fuel delivery, flat tire assistance, and lockout assistance.
  5. Potential Financing and Lease Options: Porsche Columbus strives to provide attractive financing and lease options for certified pre-owned Porsche models, making it easier for you to receive the best value from your choice. These financing programs may offer competitive interest rates and flexible terms; speak to our expert financial team for more information.
  6. Quality Assurance and Brand Reputation: Buying a certified pre-owned Porsche gives you the assurance that the vehicle has undergone thorough inspection and meets the brand’s high-quality standards. Porsche has a reputation for engineering excellence, and their certification process ensures that CPO vehicles deliver the same level of performance and craftsmanship as new models.
  7. Value Retention: Porsche vehicles are known for their excellent value retention, and this extends to certified pre-owned models as well. Investing in a certified pre-owned Porsche can be a smart financial decision since these vehicles tend to retain their value well over time. When it comes to selling or trading in your CPO Porsche in the future, you can expect a higher resale value compared to non-certified used vehicles.

Trust Porsche Columbus for Your Next CPO Model

Buying a certified pre-owned Porsche offers numerous benefits, including a thorough inspection, extended warranty, verified vehicle history, roadside assistance, potential financing options, and the reassurance of owning a high-quality vehicle from a reputable brand. These advantages combine to provide a satisfying ownership experience and allow you to enjoy the performance and luxury of a Porsche with added peace of mind and Porsche Columbus is proud to help you find your next CPO model. Feel free to browse our inventory in person at our showroom, located at 409 N Hamilton Rd or check out what CPO models are available on our website and start your finance application online. Either way you choose, Porsche Columbus is here to help you every step of the way.

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