What Makes the Boxster Such a Popular Sports Coupe?

June 18th, 2020 by

The Porsche Boxster is being released with new Boxster T and Spyder models, offering even more luxury, exclusive trim options, and features than previous models. This coupe has been a leader in the luxury class when it comes to high-end sports convertibles, and it consistently gets high rankings in all kinds of different areas. This compact coupe does more than you’d think based on its size alone, but then with the Porsche name behind it, it’s always about going above and beyond.

Dynamic Handling and Performance

One feature that makes the Boxster the choice for those who want true sports luxury is the performance and handling. This car offers a powerful engine lineup in all model years, along with rear-wheel drive control for sharp handling and tight cornering. Over 400 horsepower is available on the most powerful models.

The lively handling of this car is one of the reasons that sports car enthusiasts keep coming back to this classic model year after year. There are a number of engine options that combine with various transmissions, with a six-speed automatic being the preferred standard option for those looking to hit the gas and hit the open road. The Spyder version has a 0-to-60 rating of 4.2 seconds, and the rest of the trims don’t come in far behind.

The mid-engine layout of this car, combined with the low center of gravity and lightweight design, give it some of the best handling in its class. It offers responsive, precise steering that gives the best in enthusiasm and performance, whether you’re heading out on the highway or taking it for a test lap around the track.

Creature Comforts Galore

Like any luxury sports car, the Boxster offers just as much on the inside as it does under the hood. The interior quality is always premium, even on the base trims, with well-built designs and customized interiors available on select models. Some even include finishes like suede, carbon fiber, wood, and more. When it comes to style, this sports coupe delivers again and again.

You’ll find premium infotainment and the Porsche Communication Management system as standard features, along with an eight-speaker sound system that is upgradable to 10- or 12- speaker premium audio. Those who value entertainment as much as substance will enjoy what the Boxster sports coupe has to offer.

Top of the Class for a Reason

Although it’s not the most tech-forward or luxurious of the Porsche family of cars, the Boxster offers sporty performance and capable handling that make it a popular choice among those looking for a great luxury sports car. It comes with the reliability of the Porsche name and top safety ratings with integrated safety features on all the latest models. The Porsche Boxster is a great choice for anyone who wants a classic, stylish luxury sports car that hits all the marks.

Test drive the Porsche Boxster for yourself today and see how many ways you can find to fall in love with this sleek, powerful, sporty performance machine.

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